--Articles: Securitization

Finding Pooling and Servicing Agreements (PSA’s) for Securitized Mortgage loans could Kill your Foreclosure

Predatory Lending: Appraisal Inflation

Ibanez and Securitization

Impact of Securitization

Mortgage Backed Securities

The Alphabet Problem

Securitization Transactions Ineffective

Notes Never Sent

Are You Pooling and Servicing Agreement Literate?

Bundled Mortgages Pose Problems


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Overvalued Appraisals

New Bill Expands Homeowners' Protection Against Predatory Lending

--Current Trends in Residential Mortgage Litigation

--Debt Collection

Collection Agencies and Your Rights

Consumer Protection Laws

Identity Theft Repair

Debtors Rights


Foreclosure Help

Stop Home Foreclosure

New Foreclosure Order

--The Federal Reserve

America and the Federal Reserve

Modern Money Mechanics

--About Predatory Lending

Avoid Predatory Lenders

ASF White Paper.pdf

Asset Backed-Securities-SEC rules.pdf

Bank Fraud and Predatory Lending Articles

Can I Fire My Mortgage Servicer?

Do You Have a Mortgage With an Inflated Appraisal With First American?

Do We Have a Fraud Problem?

Challenging the Lending Process

Find out more about how your Broker or Lender may have violated the Truth in Lending Act and other consumer protection laws.

Home Mortgages

Island Mortgage, South Padre Island

Massachusetts Federal Court Case May Spur Truth In Lending Class Actions Seeking Rescission of Mortgage Loans

Max Gardner's Top Tips for Fake Mortgage Documents

Predatory Lending Practices and a Legal Remedy

Predatory Lending: Appraisal Fraud

Predatory Lending Laws

Predatory Lending Practices

Predatory Loans

Search for CUSIP Number

Subprime Lenders Keep Churning Out Bad Loans

The History of Predatory Lending

The Truth in Lending Act

The Enormous Clouded Title Problem



Homeowners Hammer





Ameriquest Memorandum & Order, 5.30.06.pdf

ARM Handbook


Belini v. Washington Mutual

Bevilacqua v. Rodriguez

Brokerage Fined for Predatory Loans to Black Homebuyers

Case Law Legal

Case Law Summaries

Chase v. Goodrich

Culpepper v. Irwin Mortgage

Davis v. Ocwen

Defense of Mortgage Foreclosures

Definition of Rescission

First County National Bank Audit

Glover v. Standard  Federal

Guzman v. Ocwen

Homeowners Win Case Law

Kemp v. Countrywide Home Loans

Legal Resources

Lotfy v. MERS and INDYMAC BANK Case Files

McIntosh v. Irwin Union Bank & Trust Co

Maxwell v. Fairbanks

Mentecki v. Saxon Mortgage

Merryman v Beneficial Question

MERS Supreme Court

MERS Stubs Toe

Manor Mortgage Corp. v. Giuliano

Mortgage Broker Fraud

"Must Have Promissory Note" Case Law

Regulation Z: Truth in Lending

Mortgage Servicing Rules

Motion to Lift Stay

Notice of the Right to Cancel

National Bank v. Kesler

Obligations of Mortgage Servicers

Right of Rescission

Regulation Z

Regulatory Penalties

Sample Complaint

Sample Legal Documents

Sample Violations Letter

Stark v. EMC

State Street Bank and Trust v. Lord

The Three Day Cancellation Rule

Process Map


Adam J. Levitin Biography

National Associations

Secrets of the Legal System

--Cancel Student Loans

The First to Reveal the Truth About the Default Student Loan

Cancel Student Loans

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