Predatory Lending Laws

Each year, Americans are robbed of over $9 billion dollars of their hard-earned money by predatory lenders. The laws that govern predatory lending are, unfortunately, easy to skirt, especially when mortgage borrowers don't know their rights. Predatory lenders seek out those people in vulnerable positions in particular, so if you're offered a loan that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Homeowners who have fallen behind on property taxes are often targets of predatory lenders who hope to push them into bankruptcy and foreclosure. Those homeowners who face medical bills or costly home repairs also often find themselves grasping for loans that carry high interest rates, inflated fees and terrible repayment terms. These loans, for the most part, are not technically illegal, so predatory lenders are essentially allowed to proliferate.

There are certain consumer protection laws in place, but unfortunately, they can't stop these loan fraud experts in their tracks. Instead, the Truth in Lending Act, for instance, is most helpful in picking up the pieces in a court case, after the damage has been done. The Bank Fraud Victim Center is on your side, offering education on your rights, as well as legal help, if necessary.

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If you are a victim of predatory lending or mortgage fraud, it's sometimes possible to have your mortgage voided and to apply 100 percent of your payments to the principal balance. Some victims are even able to recover monetary damages. Talk to our financial specialists today at the Bank Fraud Victim Center at 401-349-4717 or email them at

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