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Your Mortgage is usually the largest purchase that you will ever make. As we all know, the United States is a Country of Laws. There are laws that every industry must abide by, especially the Mortgage Industry. Banks, Mortgage Brokers and Title Companies are supposed to strictly abide by these laws.  The Government and Courts are serious about Predatory Lending. There are strict guidelines to follow when a Bank or Mortgage Broker is performing a purchase or refinancing of your home.


Several of these Laws are: The Federal  “Truth In Lending Act” (TILA) and State Laws, and State Mortgage Broker Laws,  that require a “Lender” to provide specific detailed documents, so that the “Borrower” can make a value based decision on the “loan” applied for. Another is the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act. The purpose of this law is that Congress found that significant reforms in the real estate settlement process were needed to insure that consumers throughout the Nation are provided with greater and timelier information on the nature and costs of the settlement process and are protected from unnecessarily High Settlement charges caused by predatory lending practices.


To date, we have found no less than 24 violations and as many as 47 violations on a single mortgage, with an average of 31 violations.


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive in-depth audit of all the mortgage documents as they relate to a first and/or second mortgage. Our job is to inform you with as much factual information as possible, for you to make an informed decision.


What this means to you is that for every violation, there is a Mandatory Federal penalty from $200.00 to $2,000.00 for each violation under the respected law that was violated. Where “title” violations are involved, there is a very strong and real possibility that the homeowner could have and receive a clear title re-conveyed into their hands.




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The History of Predatory Lending

Atlanta Legal Aid's Bill Brennan, as one of the nation's experts on predatory lending, was asked by Senator Grassley to testify at the Senate Special Committee on Aging hearing on "Equity Predators: Stripping, Flipping, and Packing Their Way to Profits." Bill was warmly received and several Senators made statements at the hearing indicating the value they placed on legal service program involvement in this area.  Bill's testimony clearly outlines the problems of predatory lending and equity theft, how victims are targeted, and some historical perspective.  An Exhibit (updated in September 2000) presented to the Committee details how these scams work.


Discover The Power of Truth In Lending Act

The Truth In Lending Act is to be liberally construed in favor of

consumers, with creditors who fail to comply with TILA in any

respect becoming liable to the consumer regardless of the nature

of the violation or the creditors intent.


Predatory Mortgage Lending Practices

and Abuses and a Legal Remedy

This report describes the different ways that mortgage lenders can trick homeowners into giving up their homes, and a legal remedy to recover TILA violation fines and possibly void the lenders security interest in the property.


Understanding Bank Fraud

It is important to know the difference between what is real

and what is not real, and it is also good to know the rules. 

There are Constitutional experts in jail because they didn't

understand how they had contracted away their God-given

rights in exchange for STATE privileges.



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