Tuesday, March 5, 2005


Guzman vs. Ocwen Federal Bank


$3,000,000 Jury Award Against Ocwen


Plaintiff Attorney: Hilliard & Munoz, L.L.P.

Robert C. Hilliard, Attorney At Law
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Ocwen Federal Banksters Have Been Clobbered

Ocwen Federal Banksters have been clobbered in two recent Texas Law suits for wrongful foreclosure. In Guzman v Ocwen, in a Corpus Christi County Court, the jury awarded over 3 Million Dollars in settlement and found Ocwen having acted with "malice" in their criminal conduct supported by testimony adduced by two witnesses both of which were former employees of Ocwen. One was a PhD Internet Technologist specializing in Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Assessments which are required by law and the second is a former foreclosure specialist who quit after his conscience got the better of him - after nearly seven years of making 7-10 thousand dollars per month manufacturing foreclosures against innocent victims of Ocwen. (I saw this testimony with my own eyes and ears on Wednesday, 16 Feb 05 in Corpus. The evidence included making up numbers for payoffs with the numbers dreamed up so high that they insured a foreclosure posture instead of payoff, forgery (YES FORGERY) of forbearance agreements, and testimony from two employees saying that the business of Ocwen is to create foreclosures by any means. The second suit involved a deceased individual and her estate in San Antonio which was settled out of court 15 minutes after Guzman (same Guzman as the Corpus Christi case) was voir dired (sic) before the court but before his testimony was restated before the jury. It seems that Ocwen simply did not want to face Guzman a second time in the same month in the same state of Texas. These are dramatic revelations with far ranging implications for Ocwen since the testimony was video taped as well a stenographically recorded under oath before a Texas Jury in a Texas Court Room resulting in a huge wrongful foreclosure verdict against Ocwen.


Please convey my appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Guzman for their endurance culminating in yesterday's significant jury findings and award in their favor against the malfeasance and criminal conduct of Ocwen Federal Bank. My understanding is that jury returned findings of Ocwen's criminal conduct as well as a $3,000,000.00 (plus) award. 

Your imposition of legal accountability on Ocwen Federal Bank and for their long travail of criminal conduct is indeed impressive. I will now predict that the Guzman case portends a cascade of similar verdicts to follow.


Guzman vs Ocwen filing



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