Mortgage Broker Fraud

Years ago, when your family took out a mortgage with a lending company, you could be pretty certain that it was a straightforward 30-year mortgage with no surprises. The mortgage industry today, however, is a different story. Many more lenders have gotten into the game, including some that are less than legitimate. Though there are consumer protection laws in place such as the Truth in Lending Act, there are still myriad ways for bad mortgage brokers to defraud you.

Most mortgage broker fraud happens in the so-called "subprime" market, which encompasses consumers with weak or bad credit. Even more unfairly, it also commonly targets those with the least money to lose. This does not mean, however, that middle- and higher-income consumers are immune to mortgage fraud. Rather, fraudulent charges are often buried or disguised as necessary parts of a mortgage agreement.

At the Bank Fraud Victim Center, we firmly believe that if you know your rights, you don't know your options. We specialize in auditing mortgage documents and consulting with consumers on predatory lending practices. Once you're aware of what to look out for, the chances of being a victim of fraud are greatly reduced.

Contact the Bank Fraud Victim Center today by filling out our free preliminary audit form. This asks several details about your present mortgage and helps us in our initial inquiry. You may also call our helpful staff at 401-349-4717 or email us at .The incentive for these predatory practices to continue is that there are plenty of would-be victims out there. Don't let yourself become one. The Bank Fraud Victim Center can help you.



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