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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Offers general overview on chapter 7 bankruptcy and who should consider this chapter.


Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

"Small Business Debtor" Like chapter 13 reorganization, this one is for those whose assets exceed the limits of a chapter 13. Normally used for business debt.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

"Wage Earners Plan" primarily used for consumer debt. Allows debtor to restructure debt load into more manageable payments.


Bankruptcy: Long-Term Effects

Important considerations before deciding to file or not to file.


Bankruptcy Courts

Bankruptcy court links for all 50 states.


Bankruptcy Terms

Offers definitions relevant to filing bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy Filings

Offers the latest statistics for chapter 7, chapter 11, chapter 12 and chapter 13 petitions and yearly totals.


Bankruptcy Court Illinois

Local Rules


Do It Yourself Bankruptcy Forms

Bankruptcy forms; instructions for filling out the bankruptcy forms; the exemptions for your state;

the addresses of the courts at which you will file the documents; and the major events in the Chapter 7 process.


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