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There are many different ways that banks, lenders and brokers can trick homeowners into giving up their homes.

There is a legal remedy to recover Truth In Lending Act violation fines, void the lenders security interest in the property and collect money damages.

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Have you ever thought of challenging the lending process as a scam?

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The Enormous Clouded Title Problem

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Banks to Seize One Million Homes in 2012

RealtyTrac Inc. released data that indicates a possible 25% increase in property repossessions in the next year. Banks to Seize


Our mission is to educate homeowners about predatory lending practices and bank fraud and the legal options available to them. We believe that if you don't know your rights, you don’t know your options.

We are not a mortgage elimination company. We help homeowners who are victims of predatory lending and bank fraud.

We are the leaders in document auditing and predatory lending litigation and defense. And an authority on the subject of predatory lending practices, foreclosure defense, consumer protection and debtor’s rights.

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