Are you a victim of Predatory Lending or Mortgage broker Fraud?...

Did you get the loan you thought you were getting?

Island Mortgage is a known predatory mortgage lending broker.

They just recently were sued by a homeowner in McAllen, Texas and decided to settle out of court to avoid loosing the case because of Truth in Lending violations and non-disclosure of Yield Spread Premium, (YSP). The case was settled out of court and the court file is sealed as to the amount of the settlement.

If you have refinanced your mortgage with 3311 Padre Blvd. Texas in the last two and 1/2 years, contact us immediately! Your loan may be subject to rescission and the YSP could be subject to unfair and deceptive practices by the broker and lender. A recent class action case was settled out of court in by Attorney.

There are many different ways that banks, lenders and brokers can trick homeowners into giving up their homes.

There is a legal remedy to recover Truth In Lending Act violation fines, void the lenders security interest in the property and collect money damages.

You may be a victim of Predatory Lending Practices...Find out more about how your Broker or Lender may have violated the Truth in Lending Act and other consumer protection laws...Click on this link:

For a free preliminary consultation CLICK HERE is here to educate consumers and to help victims recover their losses and keep their homes. If you are a victim of bank fraud or predatory lending, it is possible to sue your lender for free clear title and money damages. We show you how to stop foreclosure and sue your lender.
It is possible to find out if you have broker fraud and/or TILA violations with a simple 20 minute phone call.
We believe that if you don't know your rights, you don’t know your options.

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