Basic Requirements:

1) Property must be your primary residence.
2) Mortgage must be funded after September 1995.
3) Ideally, the homeowner must be current with mortgage payments.
4) Or, homeowner must be in foreclosure.

Client Costs:

Phase One: (Administrative Process)

If you decide to proceed with the mortgage debt resolution program, a $4,200.00 fee (on the front end) for phase one and 30% of the settlement will be paid to us. If you are in foreclosure an additional fee of $1,250.00 is required. You will also be required to pay for incidental costs such as overnight mail etc. Some documents can be sent via email.

Note: Phase one includes the violation letter, qualified written request letter (RESPA), detailed actions for complaint (suit), and the recession letter.

Settlement Award Split: **

Phase Two: (Judicial Process)

If the lender does not settle with you in phase one then a law suit would need to be filed in Federal Court to secure the interest of the property and to secure the violations fines found in the audit. The fee for writing the lawsuit is $1,500.00.

At this time the services of an attorney will be required. An attorney fee of $3,000 is required at this time. We ask that your attorney accept a 20% contingency, but he/she may require a higher share of the settlement. Also in some cases, the cost of travel and lodging for the attorney would be required at the time of travel.

Your attorney will file the complaint (lawsuit) in Federal Court. You will also be required to pay for incidental costs such as filing fees and overnight mail etc.

The Federal Court will normally be in your local area.

**Settlement Award Split: When the lender settles in phase one or phase two you will split the total award with the auditor/coach 30%/70%, the auditor/coach gets 30% of the settlement and you get 70%.

For example: If the lender agrees to void security interest in the property and the property appraises for $100,000 the homeowner will have $100,000 equity in the property. The homeowner must re-finance the property or secure the funds by other means and pay us $30,000 out of the proceeds. As this would be the award.

If re-financing is required to pay the contingency you must re-finance within 60 days.

Note: In most cases the Federal Court awards the attorney fees to the plaintiff (homeowner). is here to educate consumers and to help victims recover their losses and keep their homes. If you are a victim of bank fraud or predatory lending, it is possible to sue your lender for free clear title and money damages. We show you how to stop foreclosure and sue your lender.
It is possible to find out if you have broker fraud and/or TILA violations with a simple 20 minute phone call.
We believe that if you don't know your rights, you don’t know your options.
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