Hello! Welcome to NAS CUSIP search service! We are glad you have chosen us to find your CUSIP number for your specific purpose.

This is a little introduction to what you will receive, what you will need, and the time frame in which you will receive it.

What is a CUSIP?

CUSIP stands for Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures, which was founded in 1964 by the American Bankers Association.

Basically, a CUSIP is a “license plate” for securities, so that all traders, brokers, banks, and anyone acting in commerce can essentially track the security, wherever it may be.

ALL securities within the United States have a CUSIP. It’s the law.

Consider these numbers:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Naturalization Papers
  • Court Cases
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Loan Numbers
  • MIN Numbers
  • Registered Mail Numbers
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Driver License Numbers
  • IRS Liens
  • Student Loans
  • Many other Liens
  • Other Commercial Paper

What do you need to find the CUSIP?

All that is required is to complete the Submission Request Form attached .pdf, providing the name of the person involving the number given, the number, what the number is associated with, and a signature (digital signature is sufficient).

How do you send a Request?

Requests on the Submission Request Form can be made through several methods:

Please fill out this “Contact Us” form to get started


If you send submissions by US Mail, please be sure to send a return address so that we may send your results by mail.

Verbal submission of numbers is not accepted as it can cause the misinterpretation of numbers/info in the process. We want to give you the very best service, and receiving the request in writing ensures the best results. is here to educate consumers and to help victims recover their losses and keep their homes. If you are a victim of bank fraud or predatory lending, it is possible to sue your lender for free clear title and money damages. We show you how to stop foreclosure and sue your lender.
It is possible to find out if you have broker fraud and/or TILA violations with a simple 20 minute phone call.
We believe that if you don't know your rights, you don’t know your options.

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